Association for Social Development


ASD’s aim is the sharing of personal experiences and the joint development of creative approaches for the practical work with customers and clients.

The individual member benefits from the exceptionally broad skills base of the other colleagues. The reciprocal gain is the purpose, ultimately, of joining forces and experiences. All processes of ADS stem from this purpose.

One mainstay of the work is the yearly ASD Conference. Once a year, all members meet in changing venues all over the world. Besides this international meeting, many members join forces in international and national consulting projects.

ASD is open for professional consultants who work out of a spiritual worldview and picture of man. Their consultancy work should in some way be reflective of this.

ASD is generally open for guests that would like to get to know the people involved and our way of work. Entering into this kind of a continuous cooperation is based on mutual candor and trust and asks for a significant amount of personal commitment.

Solely individuals are able to become members of ASD. Organizations and companies cannot become members.

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