Association for Social Development

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The Origin of ASD was the founding of the NPI (Netherlands Pedagogical Institute) in 1954 by Bernhard Lievegoed. His aim was the practical application of the strong social impulses of Anthroposophy for healthy social forms and practices. The success of this work led to the professionalization of consultancy work.

In the following years this impulse developed such a strong attraction that an increasing number of individuals and groups asked to join in. In the 70’s and early 80’s an international network began to develop that later founded the Association for Social Development – ASD.

The early focus was to develop constructive ways to work together with this impulse in a collegial atmosphere. This was also the time of the opening of the Eastern Block countries with totally new questions and challenges.
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(Meeting in Sheffield 1993)

In the present, ASD has further developed its unique approach and method. The original founders have stepped down and have passed on the torch to the next generation. And the coming generation is already scratching at the door…

The purpose has remained unchanged: to meet the ever-changing challenges of the times with constant development and ingenuity.

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